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Please read these few tips very carefully before choosing your photographer which will help you and the photographer get the best shots of your special day…


Interviewing photographers can be a daunting process. Finding the right person for you is so important. They are capturing one of the most important days of your life.

The first thing you want to look for is the style you want/like. There are SO many different styles now, especially as the world of social media gets bigger and bigger. So, the first thing you need to figure out is what style you like. If you are reading this so far, you may already know the type of images you like.

 Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer. You will get a vibe once you meet them in person or even do an interview over zoom. Give as many details as possible about your wedding. It might be worth sending a few images to your photographer if you see something you really love. But remember, every photographer has a different style and most images you see will have been a moment in time that has been captured naturally.
Look at their portfolio and check you are happy with that style of photography. If you want any more examples of my work, please let me know. My Facebook page and Instagram account are the best places to look to get a full range of my images.

If you are a fun-loving couple and have some crazy ideas, then PLEASE say so. Don’t be afraid of making your own suggestions. We love couples that like to push the boundaries and have their own ideas. It makes our job that little bit easier.  The more fun, the better the pictures!

Photographers usually end up with (too many) photos of the side or back of someone’s head as they turn quickly when they realize their photo is going to be taken. Instruct your wedding party and family members to try and ignore the camera as much as possible but also not to be shy if they want to ask for their photograph taken.

If you want bridal preparation photos at home or hotel, free it from clutter. The things you need to get ready with are fine. I’m talking about the excess ‘junk’ that you don’t necessarily want in your photos. Such as food wrappers, and clothes on radiators…you get the idea. Try and use a room that has large windows that let in a lot of light. Open all curtains and blinds if possible.  Light is the key to great images.

 When walking down the aisle, please make sure that you walk slowly. If the bridesmaids go first, please make sure they are standing at the side before you walk down. This is the shot that is most difficult to capture if you all walk down together or walk too fast, A classic mistake to make, because you are nervous, to walk as fast as you can to get to the altar. But please remember that if this is a shot that you want, take your time. I know you will be nervous.

Also, in some churches the photographer is limited as to where they are allowed to stand so this will also affect how many shots photographers can achieve. If the photographer is only allowed at the side, please make sure you are aware of this when standing for the vows and with the exchanging of the rings. Take your time and don’t rush the moment, especially if this is an image that you really want to capture.

When kissing your bride or groom, do so slowly and hold it for a few seconds. Some of the most romantic photos are the inch right before the kiss. When kissing, don’t tilt the head or only one profile will be seen. Hold your head straight up and make your noses are side by side. This way both of you will be seen in the photo.

Some couples don’t like showing affection in public. Let this one-day be an exception. The photos will tell you for years to come why you fell in love and married this special person

 Formal Shots – You and your guests don’t want your day to be all about photographs so make sure when you are going through the formal shot list, you are as specific as possible. I always try and get these shots done ASAP so your guests can get back to enjoying the day. If they are aware that, the quicker they get done the quicker they can get back to the party, it should make it easier.  It is also a good idea to ask an usher who knows most of your family and friends to help getting people together for the formal shots. Please note that it takes approximately 3-4 minutes to arrange and take each different group shot. So, keep the list as simple as possible unless you have the time to get more images.  Time is the one thing we don’t have control of, so if your wedding pictures are important to you, please make sure you schedule enough time to get the images you want. Talk to your photographer about this at the consultation. A good professional photographer will discuss the timing element with you.


The best advice I can give you is, relax and enjoy every second. Interact with your photographer when you have your bride and groom shots and ignore them (in a nice way) for the rest of the day. Remember photography captures your day forever but the photographer can only capture what is there. Show your emotions, push the boundaries, have fun, and play out your wedding day how you always wanted it!